Made For Standing

by Chains



Made For Standing EP - FAREWELL RECORDS 037



released March 8, 2017


all rights reserved



CHAINS Bologna, Italy

Some old edgemen playing with straight minds.


-OCT 18th Gorizia (I)
-OCT 19th @Juz Domino, Coburg (DE)
-OCT 20th @Venster Wien (AU)
-NOV 10th @Agorà,
Finale Emilia (I) W/ Shelter
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Track Name: Green Line
"Cheap values crawl on worthless wishes 

and you can't control it
 you never have enough,
you can't say no
 your limits are their praises.

Green line you can't cross the confine
Green line, your white lie
You built your ego, now you can call it prison

crushed by your ego.

You're too blind to see the green line."
Track Name: What's Your Excuse?
"I refused to give in, i refuse to find another excuse

and i know the day i will look back

i will not be afraid to face reality
What's your excuse?

There was a day we walked together and now, i try and i'll try,
to keep my feet glued on this ground

face to face with my own faith

i don't escape i don't look down
I can't take a break but just another step,

What's your excuse?"
Track Name: Behind Our Eyes

"We fought. We laughed. We gave our best, our blood, our trust.
We written words where they told us ''you can't''

the best of our times.. they can't understand

it's something we built against deceptions and lies

a day we'll look back and they will not understand
Behind our eyes still stand a smile.

Behind their lines still stand our smile."
Track Name: Moonstomp
"Don't ask to the moon and stop screamin' so loud 

too many if alone - useless in a crowd

your questionable presence in this questionable times

it's the proof that we're wrong, try to ask to the earth
There's no more tears for this world

there's no escape except for diggin' a hole

don't ask to me, don't ask to your friends, 

don't ask to the earth. March to the moon.
Track Name: Loss Of Balance
"I am diggin' a trench not an easy refuge

in my own personal clash i didn't win but i won't lose
desperate break out, i'd lock myself out. 

1 step forward / 2 steps back

I haven't a shred of balance left 
stuck in my worst dream

but this dude is made for standing, not for running.

1 step forward / 2 steps back 

I haven't a shred of balance left 
i know i'm losing my way
maybe i don't care about find it.

I don't know if i'm losing my way. I just don't care."
Track Name: Just Another Dream
"I've got this bad feeling now,
I can see my illusions sink down
 my dreams killed by a word,
my dreams: The real cause of my war,

there's no light in the path where we live

not a fable 'cause i stop believing in.

Are you the fire? 
Are you the light? 
Or just another dream?"

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